One of my favorite things about filmmaking is the deeply personal line of communication it gives the filmmaker to the audience.  This story by Lance Oppenheim is a perfect example of that.  This could have been something he summarized as a eulogy to read at his grandfather's funeral, and most people would leave it at that.  Many filmmakers know that good story comes from a deep and personal well inside of us.  The more we can unfold our own lives in the process of making the film, the more likely we will find something that connects with a larger audience.

Quicksand takes that risk, and in doing so transcends Lance's own personal story and connects it with ours.  Many of us have those old family films so beautifully captured on super8.  Many of us have lost loved ones after a long an meaningful life.  Even as it claims itself as a dedication to all who struggle with Alzheimers, it is just as easily a dedication to all of those who love their family and struggle to see them go.  

A great film.  Please watch.