So a few years ago, my wife started watching So You Think You Can Dance. Terrible title for a show, but it really showcases some amazing dance talent. Before that show, my picture of dance was either ballet, those terrible dance recitals with 5 year old girls dressed in some burlesque costume and gobs of makeup, or a sports halftime show with a dance line purely composed to give guys an extra reason to attend a sporting event.

With that TV show, I found dance can express way more than just pure sexuality. There is complexity, story and emotion in dance.

In the last year or so I've seen some videos like this one that really make me want to attempt to choreograph a dance specifically for the camera. Something that takes dance off of the stage and creates its own performance for the screen only. 

This is quite an amazing feat of skill to so fluidly combine physical movement with shadow, and how it transforms throughout the piece is breathtaking. Setting the bar high for excellently choreographed dance videos.